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Summer Time In The Shop

We have some exciting things happening at M & D Artistries work shop!

Not only are we rolling out a few new lines, but we are also creating some beautiful hand made jewelry boxes! We will have all kinds of beautiful artistries that are guaranteed to stun any eye or capture that special feeling you want to express to your loved ones or even for yourself!

We have so many wonderful Charities we have helped with in the past two months already this year, and will be continuing to help with as many as we can. Our Goal is to bring joy to other's no matter what the situation is.

We strive to constantly create new beautiful artistries. Many people know us for our jewelry already and we are excited to show all of our creative artistries this summer.

M&D Artistries will be making a cameo this summer at lots of little venues so keep an eye out for us!

There will be lots of fun giveaways and we are planning another great private party for our top customers. Last year we did an unveiling of the workshop where the magic happens, This year we will be doing a live artistry session where our guest get to pick out their materials and have them made as they sit back and mingle! We will have finger foods and games like last year and want to introduce all the new artistries. Everything from plant hangers to figurines! Of course some amazing wire wrapped jewelry and Ice Resin jewelry with healing stones as well!

If you haven't had the change to subscribe to our mailing list you still can.

We love to send out special coupons and invites to special events, be apart of the magic!

Also follow us on Facebook and leave us a review! Just type in the search box M&D Artistries on Facebook.

Remember, The possibilities are endless and we want your imagination to become our creations!

Ask us about custom orders and come join the journey!


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