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Q: Where did you grow up?

Deborah: "I grew up in South Denver, Colorado and have lived here almost my whole life."

Mariah: "I grew up in Bennett, Colorado and have lived here almost my whole life as well."

Q: How long have you been creating art & what got you started?

Deborah: "I've been an artisan for 20+ years and I started when I was a small girl kneading bubble gum in my spare time."

Mariah: "All through school I took art classes, and in high school I got the opportunity to go to a bigger school with a bigger art program where I won 'Best in Show' for an art show in my ceramics class, sold a photograph I shot and created in my photography class, and started the journey of a life revolved around art."

Q: Did you chose your profession or did it chose you?

Deborah: "My profession chose me, my love for polymer pulled me into the arts, and now I sell polymer and resin designs, as well as Gallery Painting's locally and internationally." 

Mariah: "In a way, I chose it... but life is a crazy rollercoaster and it has led me here... and I wouldn't want it any other way."

Q: What inspires you?

Deborah: "The abilitiy to create art that is open for all to interpret and how art allows us to feel and see things on a much deepr level of consciousness"

Mariah: "Honestly, Deborah inspires me with the passion she has for her work and her dreams of creating miniatures for Hallmark"

Q: What do you do besides M &D Artistries?

Deborah: I love to do small charities and bring awarness to topics that aren't often spoken about.

Mariah: I travel, longboard for Longjohns Longboards, and am on both sides of the camera.

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