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What Ice Resin is!

Updated: Oct 22

Ice Resin is a jewelers grade two-part epoxy resin that has some really cool attributes built into it's chemistry, manely it's doming, self-leveling and self-healing properties. It's surface is strong, and jewelry made with it can be comfortably worn and put through the paces of daily living. Ice Resin was created by a woman named Susan Lenart Kazmer, and a group of chemist to design her own product.

It cures into a beautiful crystal clear color, like a nice glass piece. When properly cared for the Ice resin will not fade or become brittle.

Self healing it allows the artist to mix a multitude of mediums to it. it has an 8 to 12 hour drying time and fully cures in 3 days.

Ice Resin is water proof but it is not recommended to wear in water.

On behalf of M & D Artistries, we thank Susan for this incredible form of resin we are able to use to create our one of a kind special handcrafted and hand made pieces. We mix so many different mediums with it to make beautiful custom jewelry that can be worn for many different occasions. Last month we got to create a new healing line using real stones and crystals. The Ice resin doesn't destroy the character of the stones and actually allows the person wearing the stones to keep them protected. We have many different Ice resin pieces and hope to continue to create more concepts each month. Now when you see the resin lines, you will understand exactly what they are and where Ice resin came from and what it is that makes this medium stand out so much with it's versatility.


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