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Ice Resin & Ingenuity mixed with Polymer dreams

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

As we roll out the start of our new lines we would like to explain what makes our products stand out from the rest. At M & D Artistries we hand pick our flowers and dry them for our various pieces, we create all of our own color combinations and mixes. We cast our own resin and sand each piece down to the perfect shape. When making pieces that involve polymer we mix techniques to create our own designs and patterns. We can do special requests for an extra charge and we take custom orders for events.

M & D Artistries works also as a small Charity that helps other Charity's, we like to help out any way we can! From holding private events for organizations to giving away care packages at the hospitals for nurses, etc.. We want to always give back and believe that every good deed counts no matter how small it may seem. We want to build others up and show the heart of small business!


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