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Giving Back!

We want to be a business that gives back and helps small Charities.

We cannot stress enough how grateful we are when we get to do benefits and help families that may be in need, I would like to take a moment to write a little about how art has saved my life in various ways. In 2008 I became really sick and was in severe pain that was unbearable. I was a young mother who was 28 years old and didn't know how to take care of my little family and prepair for the battle I was about to be diagnosed with. I was diagnosed with A-typical Trigeminal Nurologia and Lymphoma.

I received the gift of charity from My caring minister Bonnie Walters from our family church at the time, I didn't ask for anything but prayers and she went above and beyond that and helped me to raise money for treatments and hospital bills. I remember crying and feeling such a relief and heartwarming feeling of love. I have always been one to give, but never knew how to ask for help. I went through three years of treatments and having surgery, I made a promise to always pay it forward and help anyone I could if they ever needed it. No matter what the reason or how big or small it was. I still suffered and had multiple bills but was able to get by because of people who helped me along the way. I went into remission and learned how to cope with the nerve damage and the Trigeminal Nurologia. Now fast forward 10 years and I have been battling my second round with this disease, I have learned so much in my own journey and realized how many families and people need help in so many ways. I am able to help others even though I am not some rich guru nor will I ever be, lol. I have had so many surgeries and been on so many medications and have found that when I can help others who are going through their own various battles it lifts my spirits up and keeps me fighting. I put all my emotion and passion into my art, miniatures, and now Jewelry. For me creating special pieces and donating proceeds helps me to escape from how hard battling can be all the time. My art truly shows who I am as a person and my heart. My partner the "M", Mariah, had been diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2017 after we noticed a Target like rash on her shoulder, she is an aspiring artist and a dreamer who wants to help others as well, We decided to start this business and create art for more than just money. We wanted to touch lives and use our gifts to help anyone in need. We want to bring awareness to all disease's and help not just people who are sick but anyone who may just need a helping hand. Art allows us to share our talents and to help others while also making money, as we continue to grow and expand we want to lift others up with us. We live in a world where people are afraid to ask for help and looked down upon if they struggle. It is my goal to help as many people as I can and it is also Mariah's goal as well. I want anyone who reads this to know that we are here to serve anyone and everyone. Not only do we do small charities of all kinds, we price our art and jewelry at prices that everyone can afford and enjoy. We use high quality mediums and materials and charge half the costs we see big companies charge. We believe that life is so much more than a price tag and that what we give in life is what we shall receive in return. Anyone can make lots of money and build a business, we strive to have an impact and touch lives the way art has touched ours. If you or someone you know ever needs help we are the gals to go to. If you have a concept design but fear paying a high price come to us and your vision will become our creation at an affordable price! This is our backstorie and an inside to how M & D Artistries came to be, we thank you for taking the time to read our story and hope to impact all of you in positive ways that leave you coming back and feeling lifted. :)


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