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Discover handcrafted local art

made with heart for a purpose



After much waited anticipation & excitement we are pleased to announce “My Pebble” has officially launched & is rockin' and rollin'!

Order Your Own Today! Each “My Pebble” is different and sure to inspire you & bring a smile to your heart!

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Our patented heart necklace is a symbol of strength and resilience, crafted especially for those who battle mental and physical health challenges. Each heart pendant is meticulously handcrafted, and we take pride in coloring them to match the ribbons associated with specific diseases.



Transform your living space with our artisan-crafted mixed media boxes, showcasing laser-engraved details, hand-painted finishes, stained wood, and immersive 3D elements. These exquisite creations seamlessly combine art and functionality for a personalized touch in every piece.

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Untitled design-8.png


Crafted with intention and care, these orgonites radiate beauty and positive vibes for a captivating addition to your space.

Discover the perfect fusion of art and energy where they harmoniously combine.


Discover the artistry in our handcrafted jewelry, meticulously crafted from an array of elements – radiant crystals, wire-wrapped and bezel-set gems, intricate polymer clay designs, captivating glass, and unique specialty beads.

Each piece is a testament to our unique

one-of-a-kind craftsmanship, a wearable masterpiece that brings together a symphony of materials. 

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Untitled design-6.png


Elevate your home decor with our exquisite hand-painted vases, meticulously crafted to perfection. Each one-of-a-kind piece is skillfully created using polymer, enriched with vibrant pigments and high-quality paints. These unique vases add a touch of artistic elegance to any space, making them ideal for both everyday use and special occasions. Experience the fusion of creativity and craftsmanship with our stunning collection of polymer vases.

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